Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It's not that I don't have the time to blog, lately, it's just that I can't think of anything interesting to say! You can imagine with five children and a husband in the ministry things are pretty dull at my house (read with sarcasm). So, here are a few snippets of my past week or two...

*Avery is a political junkie at 5. She loves to talk politics and is pretty well informed even though she doesn't grasp many of the ins and outs of our political system (then again, neither do many voting age adults). This week she has been encouraging nearly everyone we meet to vote for McCain and not Obama because, "Obama thinks it's okay to kill babies and he went to that church where his pastor didn't even LIKE America!" I'm not sure if I'm sad or proud that she understands so much.
*I was getting Haven ready for a bath last night and she was pretty crabby and tired (we are still adjusting to the time change at our house). I decided to strip her down before running the water because she often gets invigorated just by being naked and I thought she might play for a bit while I prepped everything. She did. Unfortunately, she also pooped and peed on the living room floor!
*Haddon went to help Papa with milo harvest for a couple of days. He LOVES being with the men and doing manly tasks. He came home just full of confidence and oozing responsibility. My little boy is growing up pretty darn fast!
*I am getting REALLY tired of step aerobics. Maybe it's laziness...I just don't wanna go! When Haven gets over this sinus infection and starts sleeping well again, I think I'm just going to start getting up and running again. Better to torture myself in private without people woo-hooing and claiming they're having great fun???
*I've had a lot of STUFF to deal with at school. STUFF I never really thought I'd have to deal with here. It's probably my fault for admitting students who were questionable...but I always want to help! It's a fine line...trying to minister to kids who have problems while also trying to keep a great atmosphere at the school.
See, this is why I need to blog more just PILES up!


mirandarodgers said...

Your life....dull? haha. I hope the school "stuff" gets better for you. Stand strong and firm! Its sad that Avery, at 5 knows more about the right choice for america than millions of adults. Now you'll have to explain to her why everythings changing in America and why you're moving to mexico Lol! no its not funny at all, its sooooo sad and soooo scary! Well anyways, Im going to quit before I get going on the stupidity lol. grrr!

Dawn said...

My first grade niece didn't want to go to school today cause she heard we were getting bombed and babies would be killed if Obama sad. And what fun thing when someone poops AND pees on the floor. Poop is at least (usually) pretty pick-up-able but when I have cleaned up the other I just feel like I'm rubbing it INTO the carpet! Oh and nice people always have to deal with stuff. Cause they are nice. And there is stuff cause of the not nice people. And if kids with STUFf are coming from our school. sorry. There's lots more where they came from! LOL!