Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beef, It's What's For Dinner

Being the happy homemaker that I am, I had roast in mind for supper tonight. I'd planned on putting it in around 12:30 when I got home from school for the day. Of course, I forgot to take it out of the freezer this morning. No problem, I assured myself, I had to come home to cook lunch for the school, so I'd pull it out then and just defrost it in the microwave. Haven and I headed home at 9:30. She was being very fussy at school, but we are doing standardized testing this week and I have a student testing in my office, so I had to take her home for an early nap. I still had to go to the grocery store to get what I needed for the nachos I would be cooking, but she'd be up in plenty of time and meanwhile I'd brown the taco meat. I laid her down and set to work. I even remembered to get the roast out and put it on auto-defrost in the microwave. While browning the meat, I made Avery's thank you notes on our computer and they are so CUTE! Look out Martha Stewart. The meat was finished, the thank you notes were done, but Haven was still sleeping. What time was it? 11:30! I was supposed to be at the school serving lunch at 11:30 and I still had to get to the store! Gah!
I threw the meat in the van (well, okay, I placed it carefully in the van...but I did hurry), ran upstairs, and pulled my sleeping baby out of her crib. As I drove to the store, I tried repeatedly to call the school and got no answer...since I wasn't there. Unsuccessful, I started trying teachers' cell phones so that I could let somebody know I was on my way, but still got nobody. Haven and I shopped like mad people and knocked it out in seven minutes flat. Unfortunately, my checker was in no hurry at all, of course. Finally, I was on my way back to the school and served the kids a delicious and nutritious meal. Whew!
I stopped by my office after serving lunch and ended up staying until 3:00 when Haven pooped her pants and I discovered that her bag was devoid of diapers. I gathered the kiddos, and three extras, and took my stinky baby home. Shortly after arriving there, I found my now totally defrosted roast still in the microwave. It was still cold, so I seasoned it and stuck it in the oven, hoping it'd be finished by seven or so.
Dinner preparations began in earnest around six-ish. I decided to go with mashed potatoes & gravy, biscuits, and veggies as sides for the roast. Addy said she'd rather have fried potatoes, so I sliced them up and slipped them in the skillet. I used up the last of the shortening and the last of the milk making biscuits. Thank goodness I had enough! I got them in the oven, then turned to my gravy. Once I'd stirred the flour in, it hit me...I had no milk. Ugh! I called J and asked him to pick some up milk on the way home from soccer practice. I turned off the heat under my almost gravy and hoped that it would be okay sitting for a while. Half an hour later, while standing in my pantry choosing green beans, I realized that I don't need to make gravy...I MADE FRIED POTATOES, NOT MASHED.
Is it bed time, yet?

Monday, April 20, 2009


I have no idea why I even look forward to Saturdays. Take this Saturday, for example, it was so full that I barely had time to catch my breath. For starters, I went into the weekend with some fabulous inner ear issues (picture sea sickness minus the pleasure of being on a boat, plus the stresses of trying to get the usual stuff done). Now, meclazine (clearly I have no idea how to spell the word, read it phonetically) is practically a miracle drug for nausea, but, unfortunately, even in small doses it renders me unconscious. So, I woke up around seven on Saturday morning in a drug induced stupor and had to consume large quantities of my drug of choice (coffee) in order to counter act it.
There was no time for lounging around enjoying a leisurely cup a joe, however. Avery's first soccer game was scheduled to start at nine and Haddon's first was at ten. Complicating my attendance of their soccer games was the candle fundraiser that I, myself, scheduled for ten o'clock that morning. Of course, being the chief, I planned on setting everything up for the candle making, getting the ladies started, then excusing myself to go cheer on my kiddos. That plan was foiled. Dashed by other people's Saturday plans. Instead of leaving at ten, I made several dozen candles single handedly. When the other parents arrived, rather than turning the process over to them, I held their hands and walked them through each step time and again. (What? I'm not controlling!) My husband called at eleven to ask me if I planned on breaking from the candle making that I wasn't supposed to be doing long enough to eat. Chagrined, I met he and the three younger kids at McDonald's.
I promised myself, my husband, and my children that I would make it to the next set of soccer games which were to both begin at noon. But, first, I had to go check on the candle makers! Yes, I stayed there longer than I intended, only rushing out the door when Jason called to check on my location. "I'm on my way," I called as I dashed from the building glancing worriedly over my shoulder at the candle makers. I made it to the games a few minutes late, but I was there! I cheered Bub and Princeska on as their teams routed their opponents (okay, whenever they were off the field I was calling the big girls at home and the parents at the school to bark instructions, but I DID cheer when they were playing.
After their games Haddon, Haven, and I ran to WalMart to pick up some last minute things for Avery's birthday party. We had only 2 hours until party time! We shopped like mad people, than dashed home again where I dropped our purchases and the children off before heading to the school. The ladies were still making candles, and apparently could handle it without me, so I hustled back to the house.
Hannah and Addy had cleaned the house, wrapped gifts, and Hannah had decorated the cake beautifully! Bub stuffed the pinata full of candy while the big girls and I finished setting up. Before I knew it, the first child had arrived (somewhat early, but who's counting?) and the party was off and running.
When every child was filled full of as much sugar as their little systems could handle, we handed them back to their parents. Hannah and I cooked supper. It was hard not to rush as we ate since I'd been hurrying all day long I couldn't seem to break the mode. After supper, Jason went with me to the school and we cleaned up the classroom that we had used for the candle making. I wasn't surprised to see a couple of large wax deposits and several wax dribbles on the carpet, but I wasn't excited about the prospect of cleaning them up. We went home, did the whole bath and bed routine, then I grabbed some rags and the iron and headed back to the school. It only took an hour and some elbow grease to iron the wax out of the carpet. As soon as I got back to the house I slipped into my jammies and fell into bed.
That, sadly, is a typical Saturday. To think, Saturday used to be my favorite day of the week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sinus Infections are Nothing to Sneeze At!

Poor little Haven Esther! She started antibiotics for her bad sinuses on Monday. Doc put her on the good stuff, but by Wednesday she was feeling much worse. She was running 101 in the morning. I put her down for her morning nap at 9:30, then did some work while simultaneously debating with myself whether or not I should take her back to see Dr. K. At 12:30 she was still snoozing, so I went in my office to get her. She was extremely groggy. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that she never actually woke up. I drove around for a little & went through a drive through for some coffee (yum!), then we went home to eat lunch. She wouldn't even hold her head up in her high chair, so I gave her some ibuprophen and rocked her for a little. She was back out almost instantly, but I was surprised that she actually laid back down in her bed. Since she was so lethargic and obviously feverish as well, I put a call in to doc's office. They said I should bring her right in.
I hated to wake the little sick-o up, but I did feel that she was pretty sick and was worried that she would dehydrate herself since to that point she had been refusing to drink even when she was alert. So, I plucked her out of her crib and snapped her in her car seat all without rousing her. She didn't even wake up when I got her out of the car. She looked around a little once we got checked in, but then dozed off again on me. Sitting in the quiet waiting room, I was suddenly aware of how rapidly she was breathing. She was almost panting. The woman sitting across from me commented on it. Since we were being worked in, we waited for quite a little while. As we were waiting, I became increasingly concerned about Haven. Finally, we were called. When the nurse took her temp it was 105! I knew she was cooking, but had no idea it was that high. When she went back out, I tried to call J to let him know how sick she was, but he didn't answer his phone on my first 3 attempts. Finally, I texted him and asked him to pick the other kids up from school for me.
Doc came in and took a look at my limp noodle daughter and was immediately concerned as well. She could best be described as "lifeless," at that point. She was still not drinking even when coaxed. Dr. K said she needed to be admitted to the hospital. I tried again to call J and he finally answered. Once I filled him in on her condition he came to the office right away, then we were off to the ICU. Poor girl was poked and prodded, medicated and taped up. Finally, we had blood sent off to the lab, her nose swabbed, i.v. in place, and probes attached. Then we settled down for three long days of walking and rocking our poor little baby. She was such a trooper, never complained much...or maybe she just didn't feel well enough to complain!
Turns out she has her dad's sinuses. That is to say, they were infected. Days one and two were pretty rough, but day three (once she was feeling much better) was a trial! She did not want to be still or quiet. She was ready to go, go, go...even if there was an i.v. in her foot! The site finally infiltrated and it i.v. had to be removed, then she was unstoppable!
We are home now on quite a regimen of medication (decongestant, antibiotics, nose spray, ear drops, etc.), but SO glad to be out of that hospital room! She'll have her adenoids removed in a few weeks which should help with her sinus issues. Thanks to all who prayed for Haven and who are continuing to keep her in your prayers. She is as ornery as ever!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

Shortly after my last blog about how rough my week had been it got just a little worse. In order to protect the participants in this story, names have been changed.
Tonight a certain baby who we'll call Raven Hesther decided to attempt to plunge to her death from the top of my kitchen counter. When I heard her hit, I dropped the vat of hot soy wax I was carrying on my foot (subsequently ruining the excellent mop job I'd just finished). She was on the floor on her back. Her mouth was bleeding. I must have screamed because two panicked teenagers, Anna and Hattie, came rushing in from their basement bedroom. I scooped up Raven and simultaneously peed my pants. Not a little bit, either. Full on, pee running down my leg, peed my pants. I yelled at Anna to call "Mason," who had taken Madden to soccer. Hattie tried to wash the wax off my foot as I held and comforted Raven, then I had to change my pants and clean myself up. Raven was SCREAMING as Hattie held her. Anna told Mason to meet me at the ER. When I got there, Mason and Madden were already there. Mason was on the phone with his good friend, Doctor Smirkendall who said he was on his way.
By the time we got in the waiting room, Raven was pretty perky, but I was still pretty shaken up. Her chin was black and blue, but other than that I couldn't find a thing wrong with her. Dr. Smirkendall came in and examined her. She seemed fine to him, too, but he thought it would be best to do a ct scan since she'd fallen from such a height. She did great during the scan. Mason talked to her so sweetly and she just looked up at him and laid so still. During this time, my niece, Harley, and her father Ryan, picked Madden up and took him home with them. After the ct, we hung out with Dr. Smirkendall and waited on results while Raven snarfed down two bags of cheetos, a cookie, and a pkg. of M&Ms.
Finally, the word came. Good news. Raven's ct looked pretty good. The worst thing was actually her sinuses which were very congested. A long round of antibiotics should fix her right up. And as for me? I'm going to buy that baby a helmet and myself some depends, then I'll be alright.

Momma Said There'd be Days Like This

I don't remember her saying there'd be so MANY, though. Today was one of them...and it was a doozy. Wait, come to think of it, this whole week was one of those days. Seemed like everything that could go wrong did. Give much thought to that expression, though, and you're bound to feel better. If EVERYTHING that could go wrong had, I wouldn't be here typing this. I'd be dead...and in heaven...and enjoying paradise. Which sounds a lot better than the day/week I had!
Not to complain, but here are a few of the things that went wrong this week. My secretary was gone all week. On top of that, it was month's end and start of the new month which usually brings more work than the two of us can handle together. AND I had a teacher gone today who we couldn't find a sub for, so everybody pitched in to try to make it work. Haven is sick...I know that's nothing unusual, but it certainly didn't help me get a lot of work done. Unfortunately, J is also not feeling very well and has been really busy. Needless to say, he hasn't been a whole lot of help (don't feel guilty, honey, you've tried). I've had to help Hannah with geometry. No need to expound on that. Addy's had tons of homework. Bub and Avery have had soccer practice almost every night. AND, I have a cyst on my neck. Wah!
Tomorrow will almost certainly be better. After all, it's Saturday, so there's no school. Then again, I will be sitting at the soccer fields for hours on end in hurricane force winds with my kamikaze toddler. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Wait, there's more. I also have to get some work done for school. We have a candle fundraiser coming up. Kids and parents (and of course, myself) make homemade candles to sell. However, before they actually go up for sale, Hannah and I are preparing dozens of sample packets to distribute to participating families. Our kitchen looks like a candle factory. Then, there's the laundry. It's almost unbelievable how much this family generates! Sure, the two big girls do their own, but we still only have one washer & dryer. We tend to have some kind of traffic jam in our laundry room. And, for some reason, I can get the laundry sorted, stain treated, washed, and dried, but it may take me a day or two to get it folded and put which time, several more loads have been added. To make a long story short, the laundry never ends.
Sunday will definitely be better. Nothing like spending time in the Lord's house with His people. If the day goes really well, I may even get a Sunday afternoon nap! I'm telling you, if it weren't for Sunday, I don't think I'd make it through another Monday.