Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sinus Infections are Nothing to Sneeze At!

Poor little Haven Esther! She started antibiotics for her bad sinuses on Monday. Doc put her on the good stuff, but by Wednesday she was feeling much worse. She was running 101 in the morning. I put her down for her morning nap at 9:30, then did some work while simultaneously debating with myself whether or not I should take her back to see Dr. K. At 12:30 she was still snoozing, so I went in my office to get her. She was extremely groggy. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that she never actually woke up. I drove around for a little & went through a drive through for some coffee (yum!), then we went home to eat lunch. She wouldn't even hold her head up in her high chair, so I gave her some ibuprophen and rocked her for a little. She was back out almost instantly, but I was surprised that she actually laid back down in her bed. Since she was so lethargic and obviously feverish as well, I put a call in to doc's office. They said I should bring her right in.
I hated to wake the little sick-o up, but I did feel that she was pretty sick and was worried that she would dehydrate herself since to that point she had been refusing to drink even when she was alert. So, I plucked her out of her crib and snapped her in her car seat all without rousing her. She didn't even wake up when I got her out of the car. She looked around a little once we got checked in, but then dozed off again on me. Sitting in the quiet waiting room, I was suddenly aware of how rapidly she was breathing. She was almost panting. The woman sitting across from me commented on it. Since we were being worked in, we waited for quite a little while. As we were waiting, I became increasingly concerned about Haven. Finally, we were called. When the nurse took her temp it was 105! I knew she was cooking, but had no idea it was that high. When she went back out, I tried to call J to let him know how sick she was, but he didn't answer his phone on my first 3 attempts. Finally, I texted him and asked him to pick the other kids up from school for me.
Doc came in and took a look at my limp noodle daughter and was immediately concerned as well. She could best be described as "lifeless," at that point. She was still not drinking even when coaxed. Dr. K said she needed to be admitted to the hospital. I tried again to call J and he finally answered. Once I filled him in on her condition he came to the office right away, then we were off to the ICU. Poor girl was poked and prodded, medicated and taped up. Finally, we had blood sent off to the lab, her nose swabbed, i.v. in place, and probes attached. Then we settled down for three long days of walking and rocking our poor little baby. She was such a trooper, never complained much...or maybe she just didn't feel well enough to complain!
Turns out she has her dad's sinuses. That is to say, they were infected. Days one and two were pretty rough, but day three (once she was feeling much better) was a trial! She did not want to be still or quiet. She was ready to go, go, go...even if there was an i.v. in her foot! The site finally infiltrated and it i.v. had to be removed, then she was unstoppable!
We are home now on quite a regimen of medication (decongestant, antibiotics, nose spray, ear drops, etc.), but SO glad to be out of that hospital room! She'll have her adenoids removed in a few weeks which should help with her sinus issues. Thanks to all who prayed for Haven and who are continuing to keep her in your prayers. She is as ornery as ever!

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