Monday, April 20, 2009


I have no idea why I even look forward to Saturdays. Take this Saturday, for example, it was so full that I barely had time to catch my breath. For starters, I went into the weekend with some fabulous inner ear issues (picture sea sickness minus the pleasure of being on a boat, plus the stresses of trying to get the usual stuff done). Now, meclazine (clearly I have no idea how to spell the word, read it phonetically) is practically a miracle drug for nausea, but, unfortunately, even in small doses it renders me unconscious. So, I woke up around seven on Saturday morning in a drug induced stupor and had to consume large quantities of my drug of choice (coffee) in order to counter act it.
There was no time for lounging around enjoying a leisurely cup a joe, however. Avery's first soccer game was scheduled to start at nine and Haddon's first was at ten. Complicating my attendance of their soccer games was the candle fundraiser that I, myself, scheduled for ten o'clock that morning. Of course, being the chief, I planned on setting everything up for the candle making, getting the ladies started, then excusing myself to go cheer on my kiddos. That plan was foiled. Dashed by other people's Saturday plans. Instead of leaving at ten, I made several dozen candles single handedly. When the other parents arrived, rather than turning the process over to them, I held their hands and walked them through each step time and again. (What? I'm not controlling!) My husband called at eleven to ask me if I planned on breaking from the candle making that I wasn't supposed to be doing long enough to eat. Chagrined, I met he and the three younger kids at McDonald's.
I promised myself, my husband, and my children that I would make it to the next set of soccer games which were to both begin at noon. But, first, I had to go check on the candle makers! Yes, I stayed there longer than I intended, only rushing out the door when Jason called to check on my location. "I'm on my way," I called as I dashed from the building glancing worriedly over my shoulder at the candle makers. I made it to the games a few minutes late, but I was there! I cheered Bub and Princeska on as their teams routed their opponents (okay, whenever they were off the field I was calling the big girls at home and the parents at the school to bark instructions, but I DID cheer when they were playing.
After their games Haddon, Haven, and I ran to WalMart to pick up some last minute things for Avery's birthday party. We had only 2 hours until party time! We shopped like mad people, than dashed home again where I dropped our purchases and the children off before heading to the school. The ladies were still making candles, and apparently could handle it without me, so I hustled back to the house.
Hannah and Addy had cleaned the house, wrapped gifts, and Hannah had decorated the cake beautifully! Bub stuffed the pinata full of candy while the big girls and I finished setting up. Before I knew it, the first child had arrived (somewhat early, but who's counting?) and the party was off and running.
When every child was filled full of as much sugar as their little systems could handle, we handed them back to their parents. Hannah and I cooked supper. It was hard not to rush as we ate since I'd been hurrying all day long I couldn't seem to break the mode. After supper, Jason went with me to the school and we cleaned up the classroom that we had used for the candle making. I wasn't surprised to see a couple of large wax deposits and several wax dribbles on the carpet, but I wasn't excited about the prospect of cleaning them up. We went home, did the whole bath and bed routine, then I grabbed some rags and the iron and headed back to the school. It only took an hour and some elbow grease to iron the wax out of the carpet. As soon as I got back to the house I slipped into my jammies and fell into bed.
That, sadly, is a typical Saturday. To think, Saturday used to be my favorite day of the week!


Dawn said...

Just think, in 20 or so years all your kids will be gone and you will look back on this and laugh!

emmafudd said...

oh, i laugh now...that maniacal, high pitched laughter of the insane.

Donna Elam said...

I need a beach vacation after reading this blog! You are quite the multi-tasker; something I can never manage to do well. That's why you get much more accomplished than I do.