Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beef, It's What's For Dinner

Being the happy homemaker that I am, I had roast in mind for supper tonight. I'd planned on putting it in around 12:30 when I got home from school for the day. Of course, I forgot to take it out of the freezer this morning. No problem, I assured myself, I had to come home to cook lunch for the school, so I'd pull it out then and just defrost it in the microwave. Haven and I headed home at 9:30. She was being very fussy at school, but we are doing standardized testing this week and I have a student testing in my office, so I had to take her home for an early nap. I still had to go to the grocery store to get what I needed for the nachos I would be cooking, but she'd be up in plenty of time and meanwhile I'd brown the taco meat. I laid her down and set to work. I even remembered to get the roast out and put it on auto-defrost in the microwave. While browning the meat, I made Avery's thank you notes on our computer and they are so CUTE! Look out Martha Stewart. The meat was finished, the thank you notes were done, but Haven was still sleeping. What time was it? 11:30! I was supposed to be at the school serving lunch at 11:30 and I still had to get to the store! Gah!
I threw the meat in the van (well, okay, I placed it carefully in the van...but I did hurry), ran upstairs, and pulled my sleeping baby out of her crib. As I drove to the store, I tried repeatedly to call the school and got no answer...since I wasn't there. Unsuccessful, I started trying teachers' cell phones so that I could let somebody know I was on my way, but still got nobody. Haven and I shopped like mad people and knocked it out in seven minutes flat. Unfortunately, my checker was in no hurry at all, of course. Finally, I was on my way back to the school and served the kids a delicious and nutritious meal. Whew!
I stopped by my office after serving lunch and ended up staying until 3:00 when Haven pooped her pants and I discovered that her bag was devoid of diapers. I gathered the kiddos, and three extras, and took my stinky baby home. Shortly after arriving there, I found my now totally defrosted roast still in the microwave. It was still cold, so I seasoned it and stuck it in the oven, hoping it'd be finished by seven or so.
Dinner preparations began in earnest around six-ish. I decided to go with mashed potatoes & gravy, biscuits, and veggies as sides for the roast. Addy said she'd rather have fried potatoes, so I sliced them up and slipped them in the skillet. I used up the last of the shortening and the last of the milk making biscuits. Thank goodness I had enough! I got them in the oven, then turned to my gravy. Once I'd stirred the flour in, it hit me...I had no milk. Ugh! I called J and asked him to pick some up milk on the way home from soccer practice. I turned off the heat under my almost gravy and hoped that it would be okay sitting for a while. Half an hour later, while standing in my pantry choosing green beans, I realized that I don't need to make gravy...I MADE FRIED POTATOES, NOT MASHED.
Is it bed time, yet?


steph said...

You have such a full and demanding life! Someday all your good deeds will come back to bless you!

Dawn said...

At least you cooked two more meals than I did today.....