Saturday, August 29, 2009

Peddling Backward

Today I:
*vacuumed the living room
*washed the recliner
*went to the post office
*took the kids to the library
*made lunch
*washed, folded, & put away 3 loads of laundry
*put haven down for a nap
*swept & mopped the dining room and vacuumed the dining room floor
*sewed a baby sling & helped Hannah sew a kiddie apron
*vacuumed the living room
*went to the grocery store
*made supper
*scrubbed the bathtub
*gave Haven and Avery a bath
*took a walk
*loaded the dishwasher
*read "Princess Bride" to the kids
*picked up Avery's room, hung up her towel, & put her dirty clothes into the hamper

Today Haven:
*ate a poptart on the recliner, smearing at least half of it on the chair
*dumped her bowl of fish crackers on the living room floor & used her feet to grind them into the carpet
*pitched a fit while I tried to dress her
*completely emptied a two foot section of library shelf onto the library floor
*pitched a fit when I carried her out of the library
*ripped her bib off while eating lunch...and apparently poured salsa down her front
*pitched a fit while I tried to wash her hands and face
*unloaded one of Avery's drawers onto Avery's floor
*took a nap
*climbed up on a chair and dumped a tin of pins onto the floor
*walked through my dust piles as I swept
*pitched a fit as Hannah carried her down to the basement so I could mop
*cried that she was scared of the vacuum
*pitched a fit as Addy carried her down to the basement so I could vaccuum
*tore open a pouch of dish soap and sprinkled it on the kitchen floor
*begged for chips for snack
*crushed a small bowl of chips and sprinkled them over the couch and floor
*threw as many dvd's on the floor as she could while I vacuumed
*repeatedly started the dishwasher by pushing the correct sequence of buttons
*hung on my leg and begged for "meat, meat, meat!" while I cooked supper
*pitched a fit in her highchair and refused to eat anything
*tried repeatedly to climb into the bathtub as I was cleaning it
*enjoyed her bath for about two and a half minutes, then screamed while I washed her hair, dried her, and dressed her
*rode in the stroller
*pitched a fit when I took her back inside
*said "Mom" approximately nine hundred and forty-two times as I read "Princess Bride"
*took her meds like a champion, but still managed to dribble some onto her previously clean leg
*went to bed just before nine
*woke up just before eleven
*said "Mom" about fifteen times until her daddy picked her up
*went to bed again

I don't know why I feel like I never get anything done!


Shannon said...

HA HA HA ha haha.. oh how I know what you're talking about! This was hilarious & I loved reading it!

Dawn said...

She's such a helper!

lori said...

so funny - because it sounds just like my typical day!!! reminded me of mialee so much i had to read it to makala and to steve- lol!!!!