Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Events

-Sadly, Haven Esther woke up from her nap sick with fever and congestion on Thursday.
-Woefully, she was diagnosed with RSV on Friday.
-Cataclysmically, I gave an employee bad advice that same afternoon.
-Unhappily, Haven did not sleep Friday night and was no better on Saturday.
-Discouragingly, Haven needed to be held all day.
-Unluckily, Haddon started coughing Saturday night.
-Banefully, Haven and I couldn't go to church on Sunday.
-Disastrously, one of my teachers resigned Sunday night...with no notice.
-Shatteringly, Haven didn't sleep all night AGAIN.
-Calamitously, two more teachers called in sick on Monday and I could only find one sub betwixt all three.
-Tragically, it was the week of our big garage sale.
-Annoyingly, Haven could not keep from puking when she coughed.
-Crushingly, both of my secretaries got sick and/or had sick kids and were more miss than hit the rest of the week.
-Accidentally, one of the microwaves at the school caught fire.
-Painfully, Haven developed an ear infection.
-Frighteningly, she cried for over an hour, but had no tears to spare because of dehydration.
-Diligently, we stayed up all night (yet again) and pushed fluids.
-Disgustingly, Haven's ear was dripping gunk the next morning, but...
-Miraculously, she felt a lot better.
-Incidentally, I was ill-prepared for the garage sale, as were most of the parents of WCA.
-Doggedly, I marked garage sale items until the wee hours of the night.
-Dejectedly, I crawled out of bed after only a couple of hours of sleep.
-Determinedly, I sipped coffee and prepared for the big sale.
-Providentially, plenty of helpers arrived.
-Blessedly, the school raised a lot of money.
-Exhaustedly, a skeleton crew emptied the entire gym, hauling it all to the dump and OARC.
-Bitterly, I realized that I wasn't just tired, but sick as well.
-Lethargically, I laid on the couch and sipped cold water.
-Consequently, my house was taken over by it's contents like a field is eventually reclaimed by the jungle it was carved out of.
-Dismally, I blew my nose and felt sorry for myself.
-Unbelievably, Haddon got worse and not better.
-Unfortunately, it isn't summer...yet.

Yes, please...I'd like a little cheese with that whine!

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Dawn said...

Fortunately, even in the midst of chaos, drama and trauma, you can make your life sound entertaining, if not trouble free.