Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hodge Podge

Since I can't seem to formulate a complete sentence, let alone a coherent blog, here is a hodge podge of blog fodder.

*Avery Isabelle turned 7! She had 8 guests over to spend the night. Yes, I'm crazy. BUT, all of her friends seem to be having slumber parties, too, so apparently the slumber party is a required element of the first grader's social life.

*Haven Esther is a maniac. If we have it, she doesn't want it. When she gets hurt, she gets angry (yes, i realize she gets that from me). She knows a few sight words. Although I am trying feverishly to stunt her intellectual growth with fast food, movies, and not working with her at all, she seems intent on achieving child genius status. Haven will pee in the potty, but she will NOT poop in it.

*There is a pile of laundry on my chair that, if it topples over, could crush a small child...or a medium sized child.

*We are enjoying 4 soccer games every Saturday. Or, rather, we would be enjoying them if the Oklahoma wind didn't blow us sideways with every gust. Bub and Princeska are both playing, and Jason and I find ourselves parking our chairs in between fields and then looking from side to side like fans at an intense tennis match. At the fields, Haven: runs around, pets people's dogs, begs us for snacks we don't have while rejecting the ones we do have, follows a group of 5-7 year old girls around wherever they go, mooches beverages off of other soccer moms, and cheers for Avery & her team..."Goooooo, Funder! Good job, Avery! Shoot it, green!"

*There is a lot of green snot and coughing at my house. Yeah, it's great.

*It's almost summer. The words "bathing suit season" usually strike fear in my heart, but I just don't really care right now. Not that I think I'm going to be looking hot in my bikini, but I just have too many other things to worry about as of late. Besides, the way our summer schedule is shaping up, I'm not going to have a whole lot of time to swim.

*Hannah is taking physics. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached a subject that I am completely unable to help her with. Good times.

*Jason and I tried to get away to OKC for three days. We had a really nice hotel in bricktown...we had a suite. But, life happens and we actually spent less than 24 hours alone in our "love shack." The kids joined us the morning of the second day. Hannah and I napped and took in a movie while Jason took the other 4 to the zoo. We met up for supper and walked to a Mexican restaurant nearby where Haven so completely charmed the manager that he took $10 off our bill just because he liked her. The next morning we walked to the art fair downtown. We didn't get to spend much time browsing...mainly because Haddon kept insisting that "so much art bothers my eyes." Although, really, it WAS close to lunch time, Addy wandered off and scared me to death, and we hadn't brought anything to drink, so all those factors played in too. I was really disappointed. I'm really not disappointed in my children very much, but at the art fair, I didn't feel like our family was a cohesive group. I felt like we were just a bunch of individuals, all looking out for number one. We ate lunch at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill, then headed back to Woodward. We pulled up in our driveway two hours later to find a group of our church family cleaning up our backyard. We surprised them, too, since they weren't expecting us home until the next day! They were mowing, edging, raking, and sweeping. They were amazing. We walked in the house to find that they had also tidied there! AND they left fresh flowers and a basket of our favorite snacks on the table.

*Hannah is almost entirely in her senior subjects. I am panicking as college seems right around the corner. Am I ready for this? Is she?

*Lulu continues to prove that in spite of her unassuming exterior, inside dwells a spiritual superhero. She is amazing. Can't wait to go on mission with her in September. Look out, Guatemala, here we come!

*Bubba-man has been super hypochondriacal since his appendectomy. It's driving me CRAZY! What to do about that???

*I feel pulled in a million directions. One minute I'm fine, the next I'm crying in the middle of Taco Mayo. I feel sad that Hannah doesn't need me any more and frustrated that Haven needs me so much. I want to have it all together, but I can't seem to achieve that. I wish I could learn to not be so honest...or at least to just keep my mouth shut. I have so much to say that I don't know what to write.

Maybe there will be a coherent blog sometime in the near future. Or, maybe not.

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