Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tie-Dyed Cupcakes

I'm a little embarrassed to post the directions for making these adorable all of you will know how simple they are to make! But I've promised the "recipe" to so many people that blogging the instructions seems to be the easiest way to share it. So, here it secret is out!

You will need:
*One white cake mix and the ingredients called for on the box
*Food coloring: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red (I'm cheap...I just got red, blue, & yellow and mixed to make my orange, green, & purple!)
*Baker's Joy cooking spray
*Two cans of white frosting
*Several disposable icing bags and a star tip

Step One...The Cake:
1. Prepare cake mix as directed on the box.
2. Divide the cake mix as evenly as possible (I just eye-balled it) among six small bowls.
3. Adding two drops of color at a time until desired intensity of color is reached, color batter so that you have one of each color (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, & red). Add more color for a bright tie-dye or less color for a more pastel look.
4. Spray muffin tin with baker's joy.
5. Drop one table spoon of batter into each muffin cup in the following order: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. DO NOT MIX!
6. Bake according to package directions.

Step Two...The Frosting:
1. Cool cupcakes completely before frosting.
2. Cut off the tip of the decorator bag. Insert the star tip (through the large, open end) and pull through the cut tip until all but about half an inch is outside of the bag.
3. Divide frosting between three bowls.
4. Adding two drops of color at a time until desired intensity of color is reached, color the icing so that you have one bowl of each of these colors: blue, yellow, & red. Be sure to mix well.
5. Roll the decorator bag down so that you can more easily get to the bottom (where the tip is).
6. Here's the trickiest part: Carefully layer a spoonful of each color (in this order: blue, yellow, red) into the decorator bag so that the colors are alternating. The first spoonful of blue will cover the tip. On top of that, put one spoonful of yellow, then one spoonful of red, so that they are sitting side by side on top of the blue. All three colors will be on the next layer. For each subsequent layer, rotate the order of colors so that the same colors never touch each other.
8. Starting on the outside of each cupcake, pipe icing clockwise spiraling in toward the center and end in a swirl.


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Jen Shearin said...

So you only need to use the red, yellow, and blue icing colors and then they will come out of the bag in the vast array of colors? I am a little confused.