Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where Bella's From

Bella had an assignment last semester in English Comp 1. The assignment was to write a poem titled "Where I'm From." She brought a copy home for Jason and I to read and I love it so much that I want to share it here!

"Where I'm From"

By Bella

I am from bedtime stories and hide-and-seek,

From dress-up clothes, a playhouse, and an easy-bake oven.

I am from bike rides and dance lessons.

I am from Sunday morning hymns,

From Amazing Grace.

I am from chapter books, adventures lived from my

Father's favorite chair.

I am from birthday cake,

From giggles and make-believe.

I am from a tent, listening to the rain,

Smelling dirt and pine.

I am from gloves and Clorox wipes,

Always in my backpack.

I am built of memories,

Shadows of time gone by.

Shaped by those before me,

And growing, always growing.

I love that so many of these things that my grown-up girl feels shaped her life and helped her become who she is were intentional. I love that so many of them were the result of spontaneity. I have so enjoyed watching this girl blossom into a woman. A godly woman with such a zeal for the Lord and a zest for life. What a joy and a blessing to be a mother. I am in awe of this woman that we raised. Amazed that even with all of our mistakes, we didn't manage to mar her. Excited to see what the Lord has for her and, I confess, a little sad that my little girl is so grown up.

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