Friday, October 10, 2008

Naked infront of a Crowd

Blogging, for me, is about the writing process and about letting you get to know me a little bit (or a lot) better than you do. It's a window into my soul. It's about transparency. But, the thing about being transparent is that it's scary. The more people know you, the more they can hurt you...intentionally, or otherwise. My blog is not an invitation for you to fix me. I am not broken. I am a rock.

Things that are better than being thin (not necessarily in order):
*Having a husband who thinks I'm beautiful!
*Having 5 beautiful children.
*Knowing Christ and being His new creation.
*Being fit.
*Being smart.
*Being funny.
*Having joy every day.
*Being debt free.
*Having good friends and being a good friend.
*Being surrounded by people who love me.
*Being healthy physically and emotionally and spiritually.
*Being respectful.
*Being thoughtful.
*Being tactful.
*Being kind.

If you don't happen to like it, pass me by!~


Dawn said...

You are an awesome writer and I think that being transparent as you are is great. I often 'jokingly' refer to things that are a major annoyance or painful to me. It's somewhat therapeutic, and I hope it might help someone else with the same issues to not feel so alone. But probably the biggest thing is selfishness-it's therapeutic! You don't need fixed cause you're awesome. Or did I leave a comment that was supposed to be encouraging but was really not???? I may have 'conveniently' forgot! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Emma, I think you are awesome and I have thought of you as so for a very long time! We are told that we are not good enough by those in our world. And we accept that as truth. The next part of the race is filled with our attempts to be perfect to satisfy what we believe to be true. One day we wake up and find out that all that anyone can ever be is good enough. God loves you cuz and so do I!!!! Bill