Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Princess Poopy Pictures

I have been waiting for Haven to get over her respiratory "thing" before having her one year pictures taken, but after a month with no end in sight I gave up and scheduled pictures for today. Unfortunately, I ended up having to rush around before pictures because of a mini-crisis at school that required my attention half an hour before her portrait session. We still made it in plenty of time, but I had to dress her in her picture outfit there at James Photographics. The outfit was new, but thankfully fit since I hadn't bothered to try it on her beforehand! We even managed a complete outfit change without a whine or complaint.
As soon as I got her ADORABLE outfit on her, it was her turn, so I took her into the studio. Jim had a beautiful fall background with brightly colored leaves on the floor, pumpkins in the background, and rustic props. I set Haven in the little bench with high anticipation. She loves Jim! They flirt with each other every Sunday and her little face lights up when she sees him...usually. Today, however, Haven decided to be a stinker. As soon as I set her down in the rustic little bench she balked. Jim got out a smaller seat for her, but she was not to be appeased. We tried the floor to no avail, then pulled in a little apple basket turned over for her to pull up on, but she just was dead set against cooperating. I finally took her shoes off, thinking that maybe they were hurting her feet. No change.
Poor Jim. He has more energy than the three most energetic people I know (besides him) put together, but I think Haven wore him out! He pulled out all the stops trying to get her to smile. You've never heard so many funny noises coming out of a grown man's mouth! He shook all his funny toys, made all manner of strange faces, and even let me sit right next to her. I was hot and tired just watching him work. I can't even imagine how many calories a day that guy must burn!
My friend, Jim, is an excellent photographer. That's not even a biased opinion, that is an undeniable fact. I was discouraged about the sitting, but not Jim. After looking through the shots he'd taken, he seemed pleased. He even told me that he got some "beautiful" pictures (no thanks to Miss Haven). So, just remember, friends, when I present you with Haven's latest pictures and you are oohing and ahhing over them...they are less a testament to her beauty than to Jim's skill! That man works hard for his money.

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Dawn said...

Your title is misleading. I was waiting breathlessly for the 'diaper-runneth-over' moment! I'm sure he got some beautiful pictures of her cause she naturally is!