Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have a starts with an "L" and ends with an "AZINESS." Obviously, that's why I'm not blogging very regularly. But there are legitimate reasons, too....first, Tony fixed my computer issues (YAY!) so now I can keep writing my books. I am really trying to finish two of them this year, though I have no idea how to go about trying to get them published or if they will even be publishable.
Second, I've been extremely busy. Sick and absent teachers combined with a ridiculous shortage of substitutes has me pulling double and triple duty at times. Since I'm already mom/principal and some days cafeteria cook, many days I find myself juggling mom/principal/substitute teacher/cook. By the time I get home, I am too tired to blog, email, write, or even eat! It's also just a busy time at school...pretty much from now until mid-May. We have the spelling bee, the science fair, the art fair, the spring review, achievement testing, student convention, etc. Not to mention the fact that with the new semester I will be coming in 2-3 afternoons a week to teach drama. I would love to be able to hire somebody else to do some of these things, but the sad fact is that even if the school could afford to hire someone I have no idea who on earth that person would be!
Thirdly, I'm turtling. This is what Jason calls it when I get stressed and overwhelmed and begin to avoid people. My bed starts to have an almost irresistible appeal and I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. It has a lot to do with the weather, too, because my threshold for stress significantly decreases in the winter months.
In short, I'm still here, just slackin'!

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