Thursday, January 29, 2009

Failure...It's What I Do

If there is one thing that I'm REALLY good at, it's failing. Seriously. I am one of those people who will inadvertantly mess up anything they try to do. I can fail at almost anything. If I go on a diet, I will instantly gain weight. If you give me something important, I promise you I will lose it. If I set a goal, I will actually move further away from it. If I love someone, I will hurt them. If something is precious to me, I will break it. If I get something nice, I will ruin it. If failure could be considered a talent, then it's mine.
If I didn't try so hard that would be one thing, but I do. Sometimes I hate being me.


emmafudd said...

Okay, pity party over...back to failure with a smile!

mirandarodgers said...

I love you Emma! That makes me sad that you think that!

Mary Dobson said...

I certainly don't consider raising 5 children, while working as a pricipal, failing! But what do I know, I'm your mother!