Thursday, January 22, 2009

Give a Sling a Shot

Haven Esther was a colicky little baby. If it hadn't been for my pouch sling and the swaddle blanket, I'm not sure how I'd have made it through the first two or three months! While I loved my sling, there were a few things I'd have done differently had I designed it. For one thing, the shoulder was just as wide as the middle, so I had to fold it over to keep it out of my face. Inevitably, it would come unfolded and flop into my face when I had both hands busy. Also, once she got a little bit bigger, it would have been nice to be able to attach a baby toy or two to the sling since it's really hard to get all the way to the floor and back up while you are wearing baby. Still, I loved my sling! I even bought a pattern so I could sew them for friends and myself.

Recently, I started sewing slings again, but this time I'm including some up-grades. For example, my sling is tapered at the shoulder. I've also sewn in 1-3 toy loops and added an elastic topped pocket (to hold binky, cell phone, keys, etc.). I LOVE this sling!!! I have named it "Sweet Haven." I'm going to start selling them on ebay and possibly look into getting some local boutique stores to carry them. Next up? Shopping cart covers that double as high chair seat covers (for restaurants). It's sew much fun!

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mirandarodgers said...

Im still waiting on my sling! Lol just kidding! Im going to come in to talk to you about my W2 tomorrow (Friday). See ya!