Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Other News...

Is anyone else TIRED of the inaugural coverage? I miss all of the other random news stories that make network news interesting: shark attacks, kidnappings, miraculous rescues. To be perfectly candid, I could care less what Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural ball and that has nothing to do with the fact that I strongly opposed her husband's election. It's just over kill for me.

I also find it highly hypocritical that the media who so strongly condemned Palin for spending X amount of dollars on clothing during the election feel it necessary to tell the nation that Michelle Obama is going to be our new fashion icon. What? I have no doubts that if Governor Palin had appeared less than chic on the campaign trail we would have heard about it. I also feel certain that if our new first lady had shown up in her famed "off the rack" wear as opposed to a designer label that we would have been told how down to earth and charming Michelle is in her style. It offends the subdued feminist in me that we even have a running commentary on who is wearing what in politics. We even got a rundown this morning of what the Obama girls were wearing!

I know the hoopla will not only die down, soon, but disappointment in Obama's presidency will settle in. There is always such hope when the new prez is sworn in, but the sharks are circling and as soon as he makes his first mistake the media will dice him up and toss him in as chum. Still, I'm looking forward to that day! Can't wait to hear about the latest news in electronics, the impossibly ancient guy who is graduating from high school, or the best vacation spots in South America. Bring on the news!

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