Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Baaaaaa-aaaack!

Okay, so here's the deal. Apparently I can either write or blog. Since one of my new year's resolutions was to finish two of my books this year (have three going, at present), I have been concentrating on the writing. It's been going really well...until this week. For some unknown reason, my computer has decided that it can't open any word documents. It did this shortly after we got it and then just began working just as suddenly as it had quit, so I hope it fixes itself shortly. What happens is that my stories continue on in my head and it becomes hard to get so much put down on "paper."
Just for fun, here is a brief synopsis of each book:
Walking Away - the wife of a successful plastic surgeon gets in her car and just keeps on going. eventually she figures out that the emptiness that filled her life in L.A. has followed her because it is IN her. Along the journey, the Lord puts key people in her life who influence her toward Christ.
Ravenbrook - (teen fiction) a town who has become a living science experiment due to biochemical waste infiltrating its water supply. many children were born with mutations before the company doing the polluting was shut down...some of the mutations are super-power like. these teens will struggle with every day teenage issues complicated by their mutations.
In the End - a group of Americans go underground and survive the end of life as we know it on planet earth. deep in their underground bunker, they create their own society as they struggle to survive. are they the only humans left on the planet? has God forgotten them?
So, there you have it. You can safely assume that as long as I'm posting on blogspot, my word documents are inaccessible!

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Dawn said...

glad to read it. Please don't tell Les you are writing not only one but three books because he is nagging me to do it too.....