Monday, January 19, 2009


We apparently have a rogue curser at the school. I'm pretty sure I know who it is, though I've never caught him (student shall be referred to as him, this should not be read as an actual indication of gender) in the act. I'm not sure exactly how to handle the situation, but I've had a parent complain twice about their children having heard cursing at school. Mind you, these are high school students we are talking about, but they ARE in a Christian school where (as the parent repeatedly points out) most students attend in order to avoid precisely the kind of atmosphere where daily cursing takes place.

I have alerted the teacher to the situation and even the location...apparently all cursing is taking place as they play basketball. She hasn't caught the curser right handed (or tongued), either. Given the number of basketball induced accidents we've had lately, I'm tempted just to declare a moratorium on basketball for the time being.

Why do my oldest students give me more trouble than the youngest? My highschoolers seem to have even less self control than the three year olds in the preschool class. I'm throwing up my hands!

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Dawn said...

No sympathy from me! heeheehee!