Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wild Child

Haven Esther is finally feeling better! Her nose is still runny, but for the first time since October, she is both off antibiotics AND fever free. Praise God! She is so funny. Even sick, she is very active, but feeling better she is an absolute tornado of activity.
Yesterday at school, she walked up and down the hall visiting classrooms. She would peek her head in and say, "Hi!" She also enjoyed unloading student desks whenever she could and cleared a shelf or two of books in the library. Haven spent a lot of time in the three year old classroom. She thinks those are her people! She even joined kindergarten and did a paper with them. Mrs. O gave her her very own seat, paper, and pencil. She stayed in the kindergarten classroom until Mrs. O had to tell her "no" about something, then she left. Don't you wish you could just leave when someone told you "no?" I'm so thankful that the students and teachers don't seem to get tired of her antics...AND that she takes a 2 hour morning nap!
Her favorite things lately are writing, climbing (which, unfortunately, includes lots of falling), eating, and spinning in circles. She is a handful, but so much fun! She's become quite a ham and will do things over and over again just to get a laugh. When I took all 5 kids to "Paul Blart, Mall Cop" Saturday night her wildness just about did me in. She sat on my lap for approximately ten minutes. During that ten minutes, however, she was absolutely obsessed with the little boy in front of us. It was like a wrestling match as she tried to pat him, touch his hair, and lean forward to talk to him and I tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to restrain her without making her too mad. Finally, I stood her up next to me in the seat and she ate popcorn and drank my drink for a while. Then she turned around and discovered that there was another highly entertaining little boy behind us. She waved at him, shouted to him, and offered him bites of her popcorn. He loved it. I let her get down on the floor (I know...eeeeewwwwww), but she immediately knocked over my full 44 ounce beverage causing a mini waterfall, so I picked her back up. Then, she decided that I didn't need a seat and pushed me out of mine. I squatted on the floor watching her as she sat in my seat munching popcorn with a pop between her little legs. She seemed quite content that way, so I asked Bubs to move and give me his seat (squatting is hard on the knees). As soon as I got into his seat, though, Haven climbed over the arm and proceeded to push me out of it. Apparently I was not allowed to have a seat? Then she decided that it was super funny to grab my hair and shake my head around. She was laughing hysterically and I was getting dizzy...I caved & called Jason to come & get her. We made it about an hour into the movie, which is about 50 minutes longer than J thought we'd make it!
Got to go, my bundle of energy is getting into something again!


mirandarodgers said...

lol. so did you get to see any of the movie? How was it?

emmafudd said...

the parts i saw were funny...and few & far between!

Dawn said...

My daughter was complaining about someone behind her whose pop drenched her purse.......teehee!