Friday, September 6, 2013

Follow-Through is not My Forte (a rambling blog about a conceptual blog)

This will be my first blog in quite a while...assuming I post it, that is.  I have been blogging every couple of weeks, or so, but haven't actually finished or posted any for months.  I just looked.  I have 32 blog drafts that I've never posted.  It occurs to me that I might have a slight problem with follow-through.

But, I digress.  

Last night (as I was laying awake, as usual), I had a brilliant blog idea!  I was so excited about it that I got up and wrote it down.  What I wrote down was, "How Was Your Day?"  Kind of a theme blog in which I would sit down every night and blog about my day.  You know, like, when you get home from school/work/gallivanting and your mom/dad/husband/wife/cat/goldfish greets you with, "Hi!  How was YOUR day?"  At which point you fill them in on the highlights and the pitfalls.  It would be witty (of course) and sarcastic  and frequently snarky.  In short, it would be HILARIOUS!  You know, kind of "a day in the life" every day...I've often said that someone should follow me around with a camera.  I compare myself to an American, female, Mr. Bean.  (My apologies, Mr. Bean.) Why shouldn't my frequent misadventures be public entertainment for the masses???  Oh, the cleverness of me!  I, eventually, fell asleep, but I'm pretty sure I was enamored with my blog concept all night.  I probably dreamt about how funny and cunning I would be EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

This morning I realized three key challenges to the genius of my blog strategy:
1)  Life is pretty boring these days.  My kids are in school all day.  95% of the fun/funny/weird/blog-worthy things that happen in my life involve my quirky kids!  Since school started, I have found myself engaging in exciting activities such as: taking multiple selfies with my cat, working through 134 levels of candy crush saga, and re-organizing my lingerie armoire.  I feel nearly catatonic after sifting through the last three weeks for just those examples.  
2)  I hate Facebook posts in which people just run through their day.  You know the ones: "Got up ten minutes before my alarm today.  I don't know why I did that.  I got out of bed anyway.  Went to the gym.  Pretty good workout.  Ran errands all morning.  I spent two hours at Walmart.  They only had two registers open!  But when I got home, I made myself a really good spinach salad.  I put mandarin oranges in it.  I'm going to add almonds tomorrow.  Did some laundry.  Tonight I made spaghetti and we all ate in the living room and watched "The Cosby Show."  It was the one where Vanessa has the Halloween party but she won't talk to the boy she likes even though he likes her, too.  That's a good episode.  Put the kids to bed while the hubs watered the yard.  Now we're going to watch Seinfeld.  Blah, blah, blah, boring, blah."  
3)  Consistency is not my strong suit.  No, really.  

Still, I like the idea of having a definite subject to blog about.  One that COULD be blogged about daily (as if).  One that wouldn't require too much planning and could be easily skipped should another topic be preferable.  One that would just get me writing again.  One that would remind me of how much fun life is when you're looking for the laughter...

So.  Yeah.  I have no idea how to tie up this blog...which is a running problem for me.  My inability to finish what I've started is the reason why I have 32 conclusionless drafts just waiting to be finished and posted.  But, by golly, I'm posting this one.  Even though it's CRAP.  Because, well, because I need to finish something I started.

The end.

P.S.  I find it disturbing that spell check does not recognize Facebook, selfie, snarky, Walmart, or armoire.  "Conclusionless" should probably be hyphenated "conclusion-less,"  but I like it better hyphenless (which is also not recognized by spellcheck. FYI)  Geez.  Tighten up, spellcheck!

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