Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Front-Yard Family Football

Just about every night when Jason gets home, Princeska starts begging him to play football with her in the yard.  Just about every night he (being the fantastic dad that he is) ends up outside, in the front yard, playing football with as many of us as he can talk into coming out to play.

Tonight, I wasn't going to go out.  I haven't been feeling the greatest, so I was planning on recouping after supper (you know you don't feel good when you need a rest after a 45 minute meal prep).  I even sat down on the couch after Jason and the five kids who aren't in college went outside...but the peals of laughter lured me out after only a couple of minutes.  I sat on the front step and cheered everyone on, and just enjoyed watching them play.

Tonight, the teams were Lulu & Bass-Man vs. Jason, Buttercup, & Princeska.  After a few plays, Bass-Man protested loudly, insisting that he & Lu NEEDED Buttercup.  (Because, apparently, the 5 year old is an asset on a football team???) But, no exchange of players took place.  On offense, Lulu played receiver and center, Bass-Man played quarterback and everything else.  On defense, they played a strategic-less man on man (Bass-Man vehemently points out that it's hard to have a defensive strategy when there are only two of you...).  On the other team, Jason and Princeska alternated as quarterback, Princeska & Buttercup took turns at center and receiver.  Their defensive strategy was J on Bass-Man, while Princeska & Buttercup used their unusual (but highly effective) tickle defense to neutralize Lulu.  Princeska threw the first touchdown pass to Jason and Buttercup had a long run for a TD (although, the defense seemed strangely sluggish on this particular play and even shouted encouragement to her as she ran her little heart out).  On the last play of the game, Lulu grabbed J and just hung on while Bass-Man ran the ball for the score.  Lulu had a pretty good run and probablyshould've scored (distance-wise), but, unfortunately, she ran across the street in an effort to avoid being tackled!  She may have run a quarter mile, but it was out of bounds...no score!
Bass-Man, directing his receiver.

I'm not sure if Buttercup is picking a flower or picking herself up...

Dad snags Bass-Man, but not before he gets the ball off!

Lulu is carrying the ball...right across the street!

The infamous "tickle defense."

Princeska, making the catch!

The joy of the game...

Buttercup's run to glory.
Every player in action!

Buttercup running the ball!

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