Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Last Melon

The last day of our cruise was our beach day. We were at Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian's "private" island, where we could snorkel, kayak, or just lay in the sun. I was planning on all three...that is, until the captain came on and announced that due to the wind and wave conditions it would be impossible to tender us to the island and we would have to spend an unscheduled day at sea instead. Bummer. Especially since it was Jason's birthday and I really wanted it to be a special day for him. My initial disappointment gave way when we got up to the top deck and found that it was beautiful out. I was determined to make the best of my last day of vacation and enjoy it to the fullest. It was a beautiful day on board a beautiful ship and I could spend it with my wonderful husband and two of my best friends. Who could ask for more?

So, instead of lounging on the beach all day, we ate a leisurely breakfast in the main dining room (I had fresh fruit with cottage cheese, followed by a waffle with banana compote), then I did my favorite thing...went back to bed. After a good nap, I was ready to face the day at sea! We played Spades with the Dostals (girls against the boys, of course), walked around the ship, shopped in the gift shop, then had a fancy lunch. After lunch, Jason and I donned our swimsuits and headed up to the top deck. It was wall to wall people! After much searching, I found two deck chairs next to each other and staked my claim. J worked on his sermon and I read. Gradually, the other sunbathers cleared out until it was only Jason and I in our area. We spent nearly 3 hours soaking up the sun. It was so relaxing! Afterward, we cleaned up and went to the show, then out to dinner with Andrew & Michelle. The wait staff sang loudly and off-key to Jason and served him birthday cake. He hated it...I loved it! As we turned in early, I was already sad that the cruise was over...and already thinking about the next one!

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Sarah Castor said...

That sounds like a wonderful last day regardless of the "unplans." When we went on a cruise, I had a monster test to study for and felt groggy the whole time we were at sea... ugh! But I'm determined that it will be better this time around! Love the title by the way!