Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hangin' in the Bat Cave!

Tonight Haven Esther found a fun new place to play! I had taken the clothes out of the dryer and left the door open while I carried them into the living room. I came back to find that Haven had thrown her ball into the dryer and was sitting on the open door. She sat and sang to the ball for a while, occasionally sticking her head and/or feet inside. Then, she spied Bub's soccer ball and went after it. She threw it in, too, creating her own little ball pit! She climbed right inside! She spent about fifteen minutes singing and playing with the balls while I snapped shots, then tossed the balls out and climbed out after them.
She's so funny!

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Dawn said...

She's so cute. That pudgy little toddler bottom in a onesy is so dang adorable! My baby turns 17 tomorrow and I'm lovin her at this age but for brief teeny, tiny moments, when I see pictures like this, it makes me so sad!