Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just deleted my blog titled, "Just point me to the nude beach." I had to delete it because there was a photo of my husband on it and that combined with the title apparently prompted several people to contact him.
Let it be known that if you had bothered to read the blog it was about me not having packed adequately for the trip. My husband's picture was only there because it was a nice pic of us on the trip.
If you have further comments about any of my blogs, please be so kind as to address them to me rather than him. At this moment in time I'm so ticked off that I just don't care to blog any more.


mirandarodgers said...

Are you kidding me? Someone tattled on your bloG! Wasnt me, I was smart enough to figure out the meaning of nude beach by you not getting your clothes in on time! DUH! Its okay people have tattled on my blog too! Makes ya angry huH! its YOUR blog

mirandarodgers said...

And oh yes, Im still waiting to hear more about your trip! so you'd better start bloggin!

jamiechrystin said...

People love to talk don't they! I'd be mad too!