Friday, July 25, 2008

Biker Chick or Biker Chic

Am I cool or what??? Three days in a row blogging AND my husband has a Harley! Okay, the church has a Harley for it's pastor...who happens to be Jason. It's a beautiful, baby blue, 1987 Harley Davidson softail. It's completely outfitted with saddle bags, etc. It's owned by the Faith Riders ministry of our church who have designated it as "Pastor's Hog" so that he can participate in all of the biker stuff and for personal use.
Now, Jason and I are about as far from biker culture as two people can be. J looks like he sprang right off the pages of an Eddie Bauer catalogue and I'm the spokes model for slightly overweight stay at home mom-style. But to get in character, all I've ever needed is a costume. I'm all about the biker fashion.
At our first rally, some smart alec guy told me that my pink helmet didn't match our bike. "That's okay," I retorted with a smile, "it goes with me!" I have a pink half helmet that is really cute and I wear it with my oh-so-bikerish (and yet not) pink goggles. I have Harley black leather biker boots on order and to complete the ensemble, pink leather chaps with white fringe. Yes, fringe. Biker chicks are all about the fringe, you know. True, pink is not a traditional biker color, but as I've already explained, I'm not a traditional biker babe, either.
So, I love to scoot around town with my rugged biker man in my pink get up. I revel in the curious stares of passers by. I'm perfecting my biker wave (hand out stretched, down low and to the right side) and thinking of ways to use this hobby to the glory of the Lord.

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