Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Haven is so fun! Yesterday she found a binkie while crawling around and was sucking on it while holding the one that had been in her mouth. I put her up in her high chair for lunch and she wouldn't take the pacifier out of her mouth to take a bite. She would look confusedly at the bink in her hand like, "but I'm holding it, so how can it be in my mouth?" We were cracking up.
Her hair is so beautiful. It is filling in so thick and shiny. It's a fabulous light strawberry blond. Her eyes could not possibly get any bluer. Her smile makes my heart do flip flops...I'm in love!
Every day she is learning and growing and I watch her in amazement. She can crawl at the speed of light, I think, and usually in the direction of the stairs which she is determined to master. She can crawl UP like a champ. The problem is that occasionally she wants to stop and rest and attempts to plop back on her bottom. Of course, we're right there to catch her, but if one of us wasn't she'd be in for a steep plunge.
She cruises furniture with ease and occasionally stands alone now. How will she walk dragging this monitor??? A new thing she does is bouncing. When she's excited, she will bounce up and down sitting or standing and wave her arms about. In fact, she waves quite often. She's mastered the art! She has different waves for different meanings. Side to side means "hello." Classic open shut hand for goodbye. Open/shut hand facing herself for "give me."
Binkerella loves finger foods and table food, not so much. Current faves are freeze dried yogurt bites, green beans, cracker, cereal, french fries, and banana. I love it that she prefers water over juice! She is a proficient cup drinker, but refuses the bottle in any form.
She's been sick since Monday and I can't decide whether or not to take her in. She ran 104 until last night when her fever broke at about 12:30 a.m. But then she proceeded to wake up screaming every half hour until 5:00 a.m. We slept until 7:08 a.m. (The lack of sleep may explain my rambling blog today, but I have no excuse for the other rambling blogs...) Since then, she will not sleep and only wants to be held. If she was still running a temp I'd take her in, but since she isn't I'm thinking surely she's on the mend, right? (Comment if you have an opinion...I may be to exhausted to make an intelligent decision!)
Well, I'm going to hit the shower...I have an engagement with Binkerella shortly and need to be alert!

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