Friday, August 1, 2008

Lucy and Ethel

I know, I know, I've already missed a day blogging! I'm sure you're all crushed. Moving on.....

I took the kids and a friend swimming yesterday. I wore a suit that I seldom wear and have worn only once since Haven was born. It's a cute suit...on the hanger. On me it's just not very flattering. For one thing, the top can barely contain the girls, affectionately referred to as Lucy and Ethel or in tandem as the dinner plates. I constantly feel like I have to check to make sure they are appropriately tucked in so as not to scar small children who may be swimming nearby.
But, it was 103 degrees, and I couldn't wait to get in the water! Getting in, though, is always a challenge for me. I've found that much like ripping off a band aid, jumping in is the best way to do it. So after all of the sunscreening, direction giving, etc. I tromped directly to the diving board to make my grand entrance. Haddon and his friend, Jack, followed (not because they have any qualms about cold water, but because there had been much bravado in the van about who could do what off the diving board). When it was my turn on the board Jack urged me to do a back flip. I mean, really, what could be more impressive than seeing a fat, old lady who can still hang with the teenyboppers diving??? Always a show-off, I complied. Unfortunately, as I plunged into the refreshing water, Lucy and Ethel popped out of my suit with enough force to startle me! Thankful that I was still under water, I quickly tucked them back in properly and swam to the surface. Jack was duly impressed with my flip and I decided to dive again. It wasn't until I was standing at the board looking down at the last person who dove it that the absolute clarity of the water hit me. No doubt the entire line of 8th grade boys (if they were paying any attention at all) got a free peep show. To make it worse, a bit later, Haddon says to me, "You look different." What a guy. "Different good, or different bad?" I asked. "Good," he said staring at my swim suit, "your swim suit is pretty." Oh dear!

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