Monday, August 25, 2008


Lately it seems as though the only purpose for my jewelry is to entertain Miss Haven. She shakes and chews on all of my necklaces. Obviously this limits my choices each morning. I not only have to choose jewelry that matches, but some that is reasonably sturdy, too. If it jingles or clanks that's a bonus that will add 30 minutes of happy play time to Haven's day (thus adding 30 minutes of hands free work time to my day).
Bracelets are to be taken off and chewed upon. They never stay on my wrists for more than a few minutes before she discovers them and demands that they be turned over. Haven likes to chew on them, wear them, throw them, shake them, and even put them on her head or feet. Suddenly, all of my hand-beaded bracelets are off limits!
Earrings are also taboo. This is for both Haven's and my safety! I would prefer not to have them yanked out of my ears AND they are what the Dirks kids call "chokeables." Rings are fine, though. I always wear the same two and I don't think Haven realizes that they come off, so she only plays with them on my fingers.
I had forgotten what it was like to be a constant source of amusement and entertainment for a little one. She keeps my hands full and my jewelry options limited, but what fun!

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