Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jason's Girl

Jason and I have been married for 17 years today! I remember shortly before our wedding thinking about how much I loved J and how I couldn't possibly love him more than I did right then. Well, it's been seventeen years and we've seen better and worse, richer and poorer, been together through sickness and health, we've had highs and lows, we've had 5 babies together and lost some babies together, and I can honestly say that I love him more now than ever.
Through it all I've learned a thing or two about this man, my husband. He clams up when he's mad. He has high expectations for himself and those he cares about. He's a bike riding MACHINE (and looks mighty hot in his bike shorts, too). He's a small town boy who loves to get out in this big world and experience different places and cultures. He's adventuresome and fun. Sometimes he gets so tickled that he can't stop laughing. His hair starts to curl when he needs it cut. He thinks I'm beautiful. He has fun playing with the kids...real, genuine fun. He likes to hike, climb, and rough it. He doesn't like melon. He likes to read. He always orders the same thing at restaurants. He is a godly man. He's good at pretty much any sport you can think of and if he's never done it he will learn it and be better at it than you are! He is trustworthy. He carries a heaven burden of responsibility and does it admirably. Flocks of older women are in love with him. I trust him with my life.
Even though he got the short end of the stick on this marriage deal, he never makes me feel that way. He's my best friend. I'd rather do something with Jason than with anyone else on earth. I am so thankful for my husband and look forward to the next 17!

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