Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fly Guy

My family survived without me yesterday. In fact, they THRIVED without me! All through my excellent lunch at Olive Garden, school shopping at Mardel, and craft shopping at Hobby Lobby, I worried about how they were doing. I came home to a clean house, happy children, and supper on the table. The first thing I noticed is how darn shiny the kitchen sink was. Empty AND shined! Now why can't I seem to manage that? Apparently I married Mr. Fly. Deal with THAT, flylady!
I felt slightly let down that all had gone so smoothly. Even Haven sucked down two bottles like it was no big thing. Does nobody need me at all? Then Jason told me about Haven's near death experience. Both older girls had gone down into the cave and Haddon and Avery were glued to the computer. Jason and Haven were playing on the living room floor when he dozed off. The sound of Haven hollering (a new found skill) for him woke J with a start. He quickly ascertained that the baby was not in the living room. He followed the sound of her voice to the stairs where he found her about half way up, sitting sideways, and patting the edge of the stair as if trying to feel her way down. She got up that far and wanted to come down, but realized she couldn't do it without falling, so she called for help. (Yes, she's brilliant. She will also stop at the edge of a couch or bed and ask to be lifted down.)
So the Fly Guy fell from perfection...he almost let our 9 month old plunge to her death. Still, I couldn't help but feel a little comforted in the knowledge that I'D never let such a thing happen. They still need me!

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