Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Blog Bites the Dust

Believe it or not, I HAVEN'T gone a week without blogging! I've only blogged twice, but both of them failed to post for some reason! Grrrrr....Haven has been super grumpy lately. She seems to be (finally) getting over her cold, but she isn't sleeping well and I think tooth #2 is close to making its appearance. Last night was pretty rough. She had her first bradycardia alarm at 8:40 before I even put her into bed. She is in the very small minority of central apnea patients that occassionally have apneas and heart rate problems when awake (.4%). We have noticed that when she does alarm when awake she is usually sleepy, so I don't know if that's triggering them, or what. She went on to have two more bradycardias before midnight.
Someone asked me the other day what had happened before she was born to make her like she is. Beautiful? Smart? Funny? No, they meant the anea, of course. I told them that some babies are just born that way, but they persisted, "Did 'they' ever tell you that it might be something you did?" "Nope." And I walked away. I know this person is pretty slow, but it struck at the core of me even though I tried to ignore it. I guess because that's something I wonder, too. Did I do something to make Haven sick? Was it the Tylenol I took? Antidepressants before I knew I was pregnant? Being ungrateful for the opportunity to have another baby? Then again, central apnea is such a small (teeny-tiny) part of who Haven is that it surprises me that some people will characterize her by it! She is AMAZING!

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