Friday, September 5, 2008

A Day in the Life

This week has been crazy! Typical...but crazy. Here's how it went...

Monday morning, no school. Yay! We got all sheets changed on all the beds, cleaned bathrooms, and did 4 loads of laundry. Haddon had a 2 hour soccer practice, but we spent the rest of the day at home. Haven had 3 alarms before midnight and disconnects all night long. I was up at least once an hour.
Tuesday, Jason woke me up at 7:24, "Are you going to go be the principal today?" Got out of bed, took a speed shower, slapped a little paint on the barn, and ran to school. J brought all of the kids to the school at 8:30. We ate lunch together at noon, then I took Haven home for a nap. After a SHORT nap (during which time I worked on the school calendar), she was very cranky, so we just headed back up to the school and worked for a while. We left the school at 3:40 and I dropped Hannah, Haddon, Blake, and Jakob off at the house. I ran Addy to piano at 4:00, took Avery to pick out her soccer cleats, socks, shin guards, and ball. Drove like a madwoman to get back to piano by 4:30. Started supper, got Haddon ready for soccer, drove Haddon to soccer practice at 5:45, drove home, finished supper, and all the girls ate. Started baths and homework, then the boys arrived home from soccer at 8:00 and ate their supper. The little 3 were tucked by 8:40! Whew!!! Then we swept and mopped, finished the big girls' homework, put away laundry, and collapsed into bed around eleven. She woke up at 12:30 and 5:30.
Wednesday morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6:50. I was able to get ready for work before little miss woke up and even had a few minutes to read the Word and pray at my desk before it was time to get started at school. Haven and I worked until a bit after noon, then went home and ate lunch. Haven took a pretty good nap (about an hour and a half), so I was able to do a load of laundry and finish some paper work for school. We headed back up to the school at 3:30 to pick up the other kiddos and the two extras that the girls babysit after school. At 5:00 we headed across town to take Hannah to dance, took Addy to small groups, then the rest of us went to church. At church I taught a class of 19 rowdy third graders for two hours, then picked up Addy, then Hannah and drove back home. Baths, homework, little ones to bed by 8:30, big girls homework, then put away some laundry and went to bed at about 10:30. Haven woke up at 2:30.
Thursday I woke up feeling pretty rested at 6:30. Got ready for work, got Haven ready for school, left for school. Haven and I worked until 11:30, then we went and ate lunch. I dropped her off at church with J and went to a meeting with the public school special ed administration. There I sat for nearly an hour while they told me that even though our school parents pay their taxes, the public school is no longer obligated to provide special ed services for our students with special ed needs. I picked up Haven and took her home for a short nap during which I contacted the state dept. and found out that the public school is in fact no longer legally bound to provide services for our students. We headed back up to the school at 3:30 to get the kids. After dropping everybody but Haven and Hannah at home, I drove Hannah to dance. Then, I drove back home and picked up Avery and drove her to dance. An hour later I picked Avery up from dance and drove her to soccer. An hour after that we went to KFC for supper, then home and did the whole homework, baths, bedtime routine. Hit the bed at 10:45. Haven woke up at 11:30. Haven woke up at 12:15 and wasn't going back down...we were up until 2:30 when she finally gave up. Avery got up at 2:35 with diarrhea. I got to sleep at 2:45.
This morning Haven woke me up at 6:55 and I laid in bed and nursed her until 7:10. We headed to school at the normal time and I just poured myself an EXTRA large cup of coffee. I left school at 12:oo with Haven and we stopped at the grocery store before meeting a friend for lunch. At 12:50 I headed back to school to teach art. At 2:00 Jason came and got Haven. I taught art to two classes and finished at 3:00. We got in the van and headed home at 3:45.
WHEW! I am so glad it's the weekend...even supermoms get tired sometimes!

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peggy said...

So, did ya keep a running journal going on that week? How did you remember all those details?! My oh my, girl. It made me tired just reading all of that!! Well, you can't say you're ever bored, huh? Sounds like things are going well with you guys. School going okay?