Friday, September 12, 2008

That Darn Dog

As anyone who knows us is aware, there is no love lost between Jason and Snickers (our cute, but oh-so-stupid Dachshund/Schipperke mix). Tonight she escaped from the backyard just as we were leaving for a birthday party. Three of the five children took out after her, but she is energetic and fast and had all three trailing her down the street as she ran for her freedom. Jason had to run two blocks to catch her last time (he's the only one she'll mind) and decided that he just wasn't going to run this, he hopped on the Harley and took off! A few minutes later he pulled back up in the drive empty handed, which is not a good sign. Then, I noticed the glimmer of two worried, beady eyes peering out of the saddle bag. Sure enough, J had stuffed Snicks in the saddle bag and there she rode home with only her head sticking out. We all had a good laugh at her expense...I was thinking about getting her a studded collar and a "biker chick" wiener dog shirt.
The party lasted until nearly ten o'clock, so we were all a bit tired when we pulled the van in the garage and unloaded. Haven was already sleeping, so I lugged her upstairs, plugged in her box, and tucked her in. As I was coming back downstairs, Jason stopped me. "Did you see what your dog did?" he asked. I knew it couldn't be good, but I was not expecting the gaping hole she had torn all the way through the back door. I almost couldn't believe it...until she stuck her nose in and whined. Dumb dog. Dumb, dumb dog. Already on thin ice for running away she decides to destroy our back door. Is there a more stupid dog on the face of the planet? So, as I type this, Jason is patching our back door with some scrap wood and probably planning a slow, agonizing death for Snickers, dumbest dog in the world.

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