Monday, July 28, 2008

God's In my Drawers

Yesterday in Sunday School our lesson was on establishing our priorities. One of the first topics was where God fits into our lives. Many of us compartmentalize our lives and we tend to compartmentalize God, too. We put the God drawer on top, thinking that our priorities are in line, followed by the family drawer, and the work drawer, etc. The problem with that is that God should be in ALL of our drawers. To be a believer, God must permeate our lives, not merely be stationed at the top of our list of priorities. Wow, how convicting is that?
I realized that my priorities are on somewhat of a sliding scale. What I claim my priorities are doesn't always mesh with where I am spending my time and effort. The urgent often trumps the important when it should always be the other way around. Godly men and women pursue godliness, it doesn't just hit you unexpectedly!
Here are 6 warning signs that your priorities are out of whack:
*busyness - I know...right?
*prayerlessness - asking for quick help in a bind doesn't really count as prayer!
*nagging guilt - the sense of letting someone down all the time
*financial debt - the only one that doesn't apply to me...but only because J keeps me in line!
*escapism behavior - you know what I'm talking about...reading, television, projects, computer, gaming...anything to the point that and for the specific purpose of escaping real life

So, now that my priorities are all out of whack I need to pray, plan, and put into effect!

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